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Compulsory Product Certification Series Report: CCC certification help of Auto
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"Bang ... ...", with a bang, a crash test car received to the speed of 50 km per hour, hit the front wall set frontal crash test, the glass flowers splash followed, the car airbag instantly be opened on the car's real people have also been deformed and broken parts from the vehicle impact simulation of dozens of people who installed the sensor data to quickly put the data processing center. It is organized by the CNCA, China Quality Certification Center contractor, from the Xinhua News Agency, Economic Daily, Science and Technology Daily, International Business Daily and the newspaper, including the compulsory product certification (CCC) interview team and his party, in Hubei Xiangfan State Automobile Quality Supervisio n and Inspection Center to see the scene. This is just a lot of CCC certification process, a part of laboratory testing. "We carry out frontal crash test aims to test the collision when the vehicle met the safety performance of the front and escape, primarily cars on the person's head, neck, knees, chest, legs and other protection features, this is the whole car CCC certified vehicle will be one of testing to do ", the State Automobile Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Xiangfan) Ye Lu, director, told reporters this way. CNCA Certification Supervision Department, the official told reporters, December 7, 2001, AQSIQ and CNCA announced the "four unity" (ie "uniform standards, technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures; Unified Authentication Products; uniform signs and standardized charges ") of the compulsory product certification system, issued the" four unifications "of regulatory documents, marking the reunification of our country's compulsory product certification system was established. The motor vehicles and their safety accessories, motor vehicle tires, safety glass is used as the first batch of certified products include CCC. September 2005, the national commission in turn lamps and other motor vehicle parts and components included in the fourth installment of compulsory product certification directory. Now, included in the CCC catalog of products has reached 22 major categories, a total of 159 products. As of October 2010, designated the mandatory product certification certificate issued by a valid certificate 263,331, including 241,479 domestic and foreign 21852; holding a valid certificate number 42,331 enterprises, of which 37,852 domestic enterprises, foreign enterprises 4479. "China Quality Certification Center (CQC), Wuhan Sub-center in the 'quality improvement', in accordance with CCC certification requirements and regulations and implementing rules, to take a series of measures to strengthen verification of consistency of products certified and maintained the solemnity of compulsory product certification system of the "China Quality Certification Center sub-director of the Center of Wuhan had Kam three told reporters. According to Kam III was introduced in the normal inspection arrangements and implementation of the work, the sub-centers to increase flight inspection, flight sampling efforts, so that although the increase in the difficulty and cost of management, but effective solution to fraud or a small number of certified enterprises meet the inspection of the phenomenon. Kam has also told reporters the three state projects such as the implementation of the Waste Management home appliances, auto and other policies to the countryside, the object has a majority in the CCC certification directory, the sub-center of attention, meticulous organization, in Wuhan, Jingzhou, Zhengzhou, Xuchang, Changsha, joint law enforcement and regulatory authorities organized a number of special markets verification activities to ensure that preferential policies can be implemented in the vast rural market, put an end to a face-lift of the defective inflows. "Without CCC certification, difficult to say that today is the great development of Qi", Hubei Star Auto Body Co., Ltd., General Manager Jiang Zhengping full of gratitude, "said the implementation of the national CCC certification in the automotive industry, in a sense, to improve the car modification industry barriers to entry, for the development of the industry norms, improve product quality plays a very important role. " "What we do is to make companies firmly establish the awareness of responsible product first, of course, government regulation is important and necessary, especially in the CCC certification. China has just launched the CCC certification, Some small businesses still do not know the place, and even the existence of resistance. Now, it is not only accepted but also as a spontaneous action. "deputy mayor NORTHWEST NORMAL UNIVERSITY Suizhou in an interview, Tan Liaodui understanding of CCC certification "Of course, as a consumer, in buying into the CCC certification catalog of other products, I also have no interest in this product in the end affixed to CCC mark."