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CCC news " international approves Chinese day " cause international to approbate
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Recently, the country adopts inspect appoint director Sun Dawei is in " international approves Chinese day " Chinese thematic speech and full text of draft of other and all speech are published was in international approbates forum (IAF) official website (visit method: HTtp://www.iaf.nu/ , homepage of indication IAF website, click " IAF News " " of IAF Industry Days issueing " , enter speech draft to carry a page namely) , "International approves Chinese day " the height that the achievement that attestation of activity, our country recognizes superintendency system and attestation gains international approves an organization takes seriously.

On June 9, IAF and country of Chinese eligible assess approve committee (CNAS) held jointly in Beijing " international approves Chinese day " activity, concentration listened to China the related side is approbated especially and the opinion of final user mixes attestation result proposal. IAF holds an activity to name those who call a country day with the country still is first time, "International approves Chinese day " be taken seriously so by IAF, basically be China is managing systematic attestation to approbate a respect to have the force that comparative in the world. According to newest statistic, be not told by the country, the measure of ISO 9001 attestation that our country approves is ranked inside global limits the first, measure of admissive ISO 14001 attestation is ranked the 2nd. Inspect admits in the country appoint the attestation that the Chinese attestation below the leader approves superintendency system is the Chinese characteristic that internationalization and China spend photograph couple approves superintendency system. More important is, by this superintendency system postpones the issue that extends a few new ways that come and place attention, just is the content that IAF newest strategy plans to pay close attention to. Say from this angle, this meeting is held in China more significant, because Chinese practice is OK and cogent,affect the strategy on international and way. Chairman IAF holds Mass • in the palm to expend Clay Mu to express, chinese attestation approves superintendency system from form, attention target monitors the result to what can achieve, have a lot of characteristics and advantage.

Through holding " international approves Chinese day " activity, the administrative high level that our country recognizes a bound to international showed attestation of Chinese management system and the gain that recognize the work centrally. All speech that regards this activity as achievement stalks of grain to publish fact of this be related to make clear further in full text of IAF government website, the experience that Chinese attestation recognizes and achievement, managing systematic attestation and the formulate that approve working international policy to produce main effect to global limits. In the meantime, the experience that Chinese attestation recognizes, effect and effort direction is revealed with very tall diaphaneity travel together all over the world before, the attention that showed Chinese government adequately to approve the work to attestation and attestation recognize the advantage of superintendency system, the big country wind that reflected to bear the blame model, international approbates collaboration to organize the attestation that introduces a country systematically centrally so to approbate the job to approbate a bound in international also is the first time that starts a record. (country of Chinese eligible assess approves committee)
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